Press & Praise for TRUGGESTALTEN

A first wave of reviews has come in for my book TRUGGESTALTEN. I've pasted in some quotes below for those who might be interested. ->Click "Read More" if they are not visible.
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A shimmering feat of storytelling

Truggestalten creates an impressive atmosphere... a clever montage, very convincingly assembled. A most successful fiction debut.

Rudolph Herzog almost classic ghost stories return to Berlin what the city had lost in the years of gentrification, partying and reunification - the forgotten sense of horror, of suffering, and a memory of the people who found themselves on the losing side of history.
-Literaturagenten/RADIO EINS

Very laconic, very funny, too, sometimes one can't help chuckling, but this is real goose-bump material.

Herzog has a knack for describing social milieus and their inhabitants, making the reader curious as to how they will react to the unforseen.

"Truggestalten" is more than a stirring collection of Berlin stories, it is a fantastic history of Berlin bringing back all the past drama of the city and its inhabitants.

For a long time it was a good custom to take along a book when traveling to a city. For today's Berlin, this would definitely have to be Rudolph Herzog's "Truggestalten".

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