My feature HOW TO SELL A WAR has just wrapped after shooting in Georgia and Dublin. The film stars Katherine Parkinson, Lily Newmark and Jay Pharoah.
Thanks to everyone involved for the FANTASTIC work !!

U.S. print licence and film option for TRUGGESTALTEN sell

The print licence for my new book TRUGGESTALTEN has been picked up by U.S. publisher Melville House. I'm very much looking forward to the English version.

Meanwhile, award-winning MAZE PRODUCTIONS ("The Happy Prince") has optioned the series rights; development on the project has already begun.

I'm also happy to confirm that the book has been nominated for the renowned Klaus-Michael Kühne-Prize for best fiction debut.

Press & Praise for TRUGGESTALTEN

A first wave of reviews has come in for my book TRUGGESTALTEN. I've pasted in some quotes below for those who might be interested. ->Click "Read More" if they are not visible.
I also appeared in several TV shows. To catch up on these, please follow the links below. (German language only)

TRUGGESTALTEN kicks off with sold-out premiere

TRUGGESTALTEN kicks off with sold-out premiere

On Friday, my new book book premiered in the sold-out Roter Salon in Berlin's iconic Volksbühne theater. Actor Ulrich Noethen read from two chapters, followed by a Q&A. Meanwhile, first reviews have come in, including TIP and RadioEins. (“Truggestalten creates an impressive atmosphere... a clever montage, very convincingly assembled. A most successful fiction debut.” - Inforadio Berlin)
Following dates are coming up: (click "read more" to view if they are not displayed)

Book premiere of TRUGGESTALTEN at Volksbühne

My first fictional book will be launched in February. The publisher, Galiani Berlin / KiWi, has kindly arranged a book premiere on 17 February at 8 p.m. in Berlin's Volksbühne (roter Salon). Actor Ulrich Noethen will be reading an excerpt.
Buy book here:

New book deal inked with Galiani/KiWi

I'm happy to share that I inked a deal for my first fictional book with Galiani, the Berlin division of renowned publisher Kiepenheuer & Witsch (KiWi).

The book is set to be published in Germany in spring 2017. Film rights have been retained.

Galiani works with authors such as Karen Duve, Jenny Erpenbeck and Sven Regener and has produced one of my previous works, “A Short History of Nuclear Folly”.

Talk at this year's 'JA! Bilbao' event

I have just returned from the annual "JA! Bilbao" festival on humour in art and literature. I had been invited to give a talk in the city's Sala BBK auditorium followed by a book signing. I was very favourably impressed both by the city and the quality of the event which is now closing its sixth edition. My visit was covered by El Mundo and various other media, of which I'm copying in a link below. The festival website, should you be interested, is

NUCLEAR FOLLY re-broadcast on ARTE

My film A SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY (aka "Die Atombombe im Vorgarten") will shortly be re-broadcast on ARTE in both Germany and France.

the tx date is September 15. at 21:50 in Germany

and 22:25 in France


Rudolph Herzog's NEWSWEEK column

As some of you may have noticed, I wrote a dozen or so film columns for NEWSWEEK (European edition). For those interested, I've attached some recent “peer reviews” of mine below. There are plenty more on the Newsweek web page and of course in the print issues.

Meanwhile, have a prosperous and happy summer and enjoy the read.

Nomination: Royal Television Society Award

After a pretty satisfying award season last year with "The President" reaping the Golden Hugo at the Chicago FF, this time my latest doc (co-directed with Steve Humphries) has been nominated for a Royal Television Society award in the category best documentary. The awards ceremony will take place at the Old Vic in Bristol on Sunday, March 9th 2015. I'll be attending the event.

C4 doc is critically acclaimed

Yesterday, the first reviews came back for my most recent film, The Peadophile Next Door, broadcast on Channel 4 (co-director: Steve Humphries). I've copied in some of the press responses and a short synopsis below. The film also rated significantly above the benchmark, coming in at 1.7 million live views.
UPDATE: Film was discussed in UK parliament briefly today 28-11-14

Press quotes:

"a triumph of brave and considered logic"

"a calm and sensible film"

"a groundbreaking documentary"


THE PRESIDENT wins Chicago Filmfestival

The latest film coproduced by my company, Brümmer&Herzog Filmproduktion, has just won the Chicago Filmfestival (Golden Hugo Award).

Set “in an unknown country”– and shot in the Republic of Georgia– “The President” is a timely drama about a deposed dictator on the run with his 5-year-old grandson after a coup d’etat. They meet freed political prisoners who survived torture, as Mahkmalbaf did at the hands of the Shah’s secret police in the ‘70s.

Reviews: Süddeutsche, The Guardian, etc.

Some reviews have come back from the two most recent projects I've been working on:

-My film A SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY went out in Germany and France on ARTE and was reviewed very favourably by Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany's leading daily paper.
"a tale of negligence and hubris that makes one speechless... at other times one can't help but laugh out loud". Spektrum described it as a „symphony of the absurd“. The film also rated well, coming in more than a third above the benchmark.

VENICE FESTIVAL: "The President" to open Orizzonti

As some of you may know, I co-produced THE PRESIDENT, the latest feature film of legendary Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf. The latest is that the film will open the renowned "Orizzonti" strand of the Venice Film Festival 2014.
If you want to know more about the project, please refer to the synopsis below.

1h radio special on Rudolph coming up

The transmission date for my new film A SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY (German title: "Die Atombombe im Vorgarten") has now been published, it's August 19th, at 09:50 p.m. on German/French culture channel ARTE. As a run-up to the broadcast, I did a 1 hour interview with German public radio. It includes stories from both the film and my book of the same title, as well as a more general portrait of yours truly. It will also be available as a podcast & stream from the HR2 Kultur website. I've attached the relevant details and a blurb below. All German language only, I hasten to add...

Books: new editions out now

My SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY is now available as a paperback. Check it out here:

I actually spent most of last year turning FOLLIES into a film. It will be released in Germany and France sometime this summer. International sales are handled by ZDF Enterprises. As soon as more specific dates emerge, I'll create an updated post.

Rudolph and "Nuclear Folly" on BBC WORLD TV

A first round of reviews has just come back for my new book, A SHORT HISTORY OF NUCLEAR FOLLY. Please follow the link below to see an interview with me
and a 1 hour reading on C-SPAN:

An eclectic, innovative approach to the bureaucratization of creativity during the Cold War.” —The Los Angeles Review of Books


My new film THE AGENT has received some very favorable reviews. For your information, some press quotes are included below:

"There's no better way to tell a story... a little masterpiece"

"Rudolph Herzog's documentary offers deep insights into the world of East-West espionage with all its turmoils."

"A film like a movie thriller. Rudolph Herzog grippingly tells the life story of Werner Stiller who was given a new identity by the CIA." Rating: 6 of 6 stars

"THE AGENT" premiers on ARTE on feb 5th

My new film THE AGENT will premier on ARTE on February 5th at 9:55 p.m. (GERMANY) and 10:30 p.m. (FRANCE).

The documentary is about the former nuclear spy and Stasi double agent Werner Stiller. He risked his life betraying secrets to the CIA. He then fled communist East Germany, changed his identity and became a millionaire stockbroker at Goldman Sachs.