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Beware when fake news gets out of control...


Feature film starring Katherine Parkinson, Lily Newmark and Jay Pharoah

dir: Rudolph Herzog


release (UK) at Edinburgh FF 22/23 June 2019

release (EIRE) at Galway FF

release international at Seville FF 12/13 Nov 2019

in competition at Sofia FF March/2020

release U.K. domestic: 7 August 2020 (SKY CINEMA)

release U.S. domestic: 21 August 2020 (VERTICAL ENTERTAINMENT - AMAZON PRIME)

release HULU: 6 December 2020




When an unexpected outbreak of peace leads to a ceasefire between Ukbar forces and Georgian rebels, arrogant rock star Harry Hope (Jay Pharoah) fears for the success of his heavily hyped Piece of Peace global charity concert. Desperate, he dispatches his PR consultant, Kate (Katherine Parkinson, The IT Crowd), and her naïve intern, Peggy (Lily Newmark, Pin Cushion), to create a fake war story – until the concert, at least. Things go hilariously pear-shaped when rivals take up arms for real, with Kate and Peggy caught in the middle.



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"How to Fake a War" amuses and impresses and entertains


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