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A film on the Stasi's top nuclear spy and double agent...


Written and directed by Rudolph Herzog

1st unit Kamera: Heiko Rahnenführer

Sound: Jens Mattner

Narration: Eva Mattes

Producers: Tina Leeb und Jürgen Kleinig


Produced for ARTE and ARD




A film about the notorious double agent and nuclear spy Werner Stiller who duped the "Stasi" (East Germany's secret police) by betraying his secrets to the CIA and BND. Risking his life, he burgled the Stasi headquarters and fled to the West.

The CIA changed his identity and the former mole became a millionaire stockbroker at Goldman Sachs.

Contains interviews with people he helped, and with others who he double-crossed. Stiller's life is a roller-coaster ride full of peril, sex and betrayal. So this isn't just an inside view East Germany's secretive foreign intelligence unit, but also of a man who has had ups and downs on an unimaginable scale.


Press quotes


Rudolph Herzog's documentary offers deep insights into the world of East-West espionage with all its turmoils.


A film like a movie thriller. Rudolph Herzog grippingly tells the life story of Werner Stiller who was given a new identity by the CIA.

Rating: 6 of 6 stars


There's no better way to tell a story... a little masterpiece


'The Agent' has a spectacular spy plot like in a movie, told grippingly


Retraces an extraordinary trajectory that took (Stiller) from a small village in Thuringia to the heart of the CIA.


The story of Werner Stiller, which film director Rudolph Herzog wants to tell as a 'study of mores' has every ingredient a juicy spy thriller needs.


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